Delayed answers to received direct QSL cards...

I would like to inform all fellow HAMs that all directs I received during last few months will be checked and answered in a few weeks. Sorry for the delay - the reason is my family situation. First of all last November my father died of the colon cancer. It was a very rapid kind of cancer which took him just ini a few weeks. After that I had to organize the care for my mother - she has advanced stage of the Parkinson's disease. We (my, my brothers and my sister) had to organize our private time to provide 24h/day car for her. In general I had many addditional duties since the middle of October 2015.

So please forgive my my delays or not answering emails etc. There are things far more important than HAM radio. However of course I remember about my beloved hobby and about my duties as a QSL Manager. 

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding...

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