9M8DX is active from Kuching, Sarawak during his numerous visits to East Malaysia. 9M8DX operations count for the IOTA OC-088.

9M8DX activity has a long history coming to 1991. Old activities were logged on paper logs and then using first computer loggers. Some old logs are still only on paper and some are recorded on 5,25" or 3,5" diskettes. But the majorty of the QSOs are in the modern electronic log and are uploaded to the ClubLog service: https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/9M8DX (OQRS is enabled for bureau and direct requests).

If you need to confirm an old QSO with 9M8DX and you can't find it in the online log, please send en email with the QSO data to Tom SP5UAF.

For many years the QSL manager of 9M8DX was Ted DL4DBR and perhaps you can still find such outdated QSL info in some sources. DL4DBR is Silent Key (passed away in January 2009). Tom SP5UAF took over the QSL management of 9M8DX.

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