General information

Since the beginning of my HAM radio adventures I like QSL work. For many years I managed all special event calls of my club station. Of course I manage my personal call SP5UAF, my former contest call SN5M and all of my poratble expeditions: 5B4/SP5UAF, MU/SP5UAF, LX/SP5UAF, CT8/SP5UAF, CR1Z etc.

Since the begining of 2009 I am the QSL manager of my friend Mirek SP5IXI/VK6DXI for the following of his calls: 7X0DX, 9M8DX, 9M8DX/2, Z21DXI and TF/SP5IXI. 

The style of my QSL work

Logs for the callsign I manage are always open and you can always ask for a QSL card. I am here to help you get the card. 

General QSL information

  • Bureau cards: Send just via SP5UAF. I usually receive incoming cards two or three times a month and I reply via the bureau usually once or twice a month (the same applies to email requests for bueau cards).
  • Email request: giving the necessary data.
  • Direct cards: Use the following address: Tomasz Barbachowski, Zeromskiego 10, 05-070 Sulejowek, Poland
    • Important notice for direct requests: I noticed that sometimes the return envelopes are addressed the wrong way. One of the common errors is placing your address (label or hand-written) without the name of your country. If I am only able to notice this mistake I always write the country name myself below the address. If not - possibly the envelope just goes to trash after sending it. Please remember: Your return address must be complete.
  • OQRS: Logs of 7X0DX, 9M8DX, 9M8DX/2, TF/SP5IXI and Z21DXI are uploaded to the ClubLog (OQRS enabled for bureau and direct requests). Please use links on the left for more information. I usually reply to direct/OQRS requests within five days, usually the same week. However sometimes there are two or three weeks delays due to large number of my professional duties. At the moment (end od 2013) 2USD is far enough for a direct reply letter (priority mail = air mail) to all countries of all continents.
    • Important notice for direct OQRS requests 1: If your worked numerous callsigns I manage (ie. 9M8DX and 9M8DX/2 and Z21DXI etc.), it is not necessary to send money for each callsign/QSL. If you would like to confirm more than one QSL-call via direct please send money via PayPal only for one of the calls and then please let me know via email that you need QSLs also for other callsigns I can confirm. It is not a problem: I will place all cards in one envelope. We use OQRS to make things easy not to earn money.
    • Important notice for direct OQRS requests 1: This note relates to Japanese friends mostly. I noticed that very often there are special, typically Japanese letters-characters in the address sent via PayPal/OQRS. I can't be sure and I have no way to check it if they are displayed correctly and - what is even more important - if they are printed correctly on the envelope. I believe they are but I can't verify it.
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