I like DXing almost from the begining of my HAM radio history. When I started in 1980 we had no DX Cluster, no Internet and even no any DX news. In my club station we were not in touch with any DX community. So in the end we had to learn a lot ourselves. Thanks to that in many aspects I am an old-fashion HAM. For example I still believie that it is far more important to be a good operator and know how to use the transceiver, antenna and how to use propagation forecasts. All that things are far more important from just uncritical using of DX Clusters etc.

I worked about 300 DXCC entities from my club station SP5ZCC (in general we worked 330 of them and 317 are confirmed). Personally I always paid less time for my own DXing and I worked about 290 DXCC entities and in this 285 are confirmed. Majority of my contacts are on CW.

Last years I had no too much time for DXIng: I moved to a new place, had lots of business trips and finally in May 2008 my lovely daughter was born. Last years I am active mostly on digitl modes.

I am the editor of the CQDX - a bulletin of the SP DX Club (since the end of 1999) and since 2004 I am the President of the SP DX Club for two cadencies, the second ends in 2010 (http://www.spdxc.org/en/). I am also one of the founders and editors of the “DX Serwis” - web bulletin with DX info (in Polish).

I like DXing and I was able to work many wonderful DXpeditions over the years, That is why I decided also to support DXpeditions and I am the life member of the European DX Foundation (http://www.eudxf.org/).

If only possible I also try to operate from outside Poland. So far I had a chance to operate as 5B4/SP5UAF (Cyprus), MU/SP5UAF (Guernsey), LX5A (Luxembourg), LX8M (Luxembourg), HB0/SP5UAF (Liechtenstein), CT8/SP5UAF (Azores), CR1Z (Azores). 

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