I like contesting and most of my contest experiences are team operations. However I also was able to do some single operator events. It all started at SP5ZCC - my club station. In our club station we always liked contesting. At first for many years we were participating various contests but without special achievements.

It changed when we built a set of monoband Yagis on the roof: 5el for 20m, 5el for 15m and 6el for 10m. We also got a contest call SN5Z. Operating from the club with the SP5ZCC Team was always a great fun. It was always not only contesting but always also a meeting of friends. We have many contest awards from that years.

Personally I hold the all time top SP record in CQWW CW on 28MHz Low Power, 5th all time score in SP in CQWW CW 14MHz and 5th all time score in SP in CQWW CW SOAB HP Assisted, 3rd score in SP in Russiad DX Contest in SOAB CW. The most important of my scores is SP all time record in CQWW CW in SO 20m High Power Assisted - I operated from SO4M and it was the EU winner score. 

Some years ago thanks to Marek SQ5BPM we started RTTY activity at our club station. One year we participated almost all RTTY contests available during the year (we missed only two of them). We have many awards from that time. It started also my personal love for RTTY and other digital modes.

We always had problems with low band antennas (no enough place) so some years ago I suggested Chris SP7GIQ/SN7Q to make a joint operation from his wonderful QTH. It was a good idea. Three times we were the world winner in the CQ/RJ WPX RTTY Contest: in 2002 we were the World Winner in Multi-Multi (as 3Z0WPX), in 2003 we were the World Winner in Multi-Two (as SN70M) and set new EU record, in 2006 we were the world winner in Mult-Two again (as SP0DXC). We received three beautiful awards for that achievements.

I am a member of the Team SN0HQ and I annualy participate the IARU HF World Championship as a member of the team. I am always one of the operators on 20m CW.

In the CQWW DX CW 2006 I tried the SO2R operation for the first time (using DX Doubler). It was great experience. I have a lot to do and learn in this aspect. Well I hope the best time in contesting for me is still to come...

For many years I operated from the QTH of Paul SP7SP - great man and real friend. Last years I operate from the QTH of Mirek SP4MPG, another example of a real friend with a great sense of HAM Spirit. Last starts were team operations (as SO4M) and individual ones (as SO4M and SN5W). I am proud member of the SO4M Team.

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